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Laikros's News

Posted by Laikros - October 11th, 2009

This one's important. Any fans out there that want to follow me, I'm switching accounts to this new one:


Remember it. I submitted a little tune under that name with the {AjN} tag. :D

I was recently offered a contract at Psychedelic Panda Productions and thought with the new step in the world comes a new artist name. I originally wanted OxyjeN, but it was taken here on NG. So AxijeN it was!

Go visit the new account, favorite and watch me, please!


Posted by Laikros - August 14th, 2009

So, I bought a new Hardstyle Samples pack and stuffed my FL with it. A few songs were already created with a few of the tools in there, like "Gravity Crush" and "William Andrews". Go listen, if you haven't already!

So earlier, I got the opportunity to collaborate on a song with F-777. We played around with it over msn, and then boom! "White Clouds" was created. Its totally awesome and defines epic and yada yada. Go listen to it. D:

Coming up next I got an offer to write up a song for PARANATION's remix contest/album. He's going to be using the songs in Stepmania, creating simfiles and stuff for them. I think thats pretty dandy, so expect a song for that, soon.

Uuhm, nothing else coming up.

New Music

Posted by Laikros - July 9th, 2009

Just for all you out there you love Laikros, this is his brother speaking saying he's on a vacation for about a month or so, so no new submissions for a while T.T He will be missed in his time of bliss but he will be back and making more musics for all of us to enjoy! Have fun all and let your heart rave!
/end witty pun

Posted by Laikros - June 19th, 2009

So yeah. I recently downloaded Final Fantasy Advent Children, the movie for my computer.
Now I don't care if you dislike animes and Final Fantasy, but if you purely hate them, please don't flood this post with your nonsense, alright?

Speaking of AC, I got a new song out there.


Its sorta a cover of "For The Reunion", the song that plays when Kadaj is speaking to Rufus.
Give it a listen!

Serious Advent Children phase.

Posted by Laikros - May 10th, 2009

If you haven't yet, you got to get a listen on my new F-777 cover.

"Journey Into Twilight"

The song was actually a collab between him and Wyldfyre, so before you consider looking into F-777's music, you have to delve into his as well!

"Journey Into Twilight"!

Posted by Laikros - April 10th, 2009

My "Swift Stardust" had 9 five's in a row before it was hit down. Very nice indeed, and it left with a 4.30! I might've been wrong, perhaps there are kind hearts here in the Audio Portal.
Hopefully I didn't speak too soon.

Anyways, expect a couple new things coming up. I have many songs finished and ready for upload, but because of NG's two song limit, they're only be coming in pairs, so that's lame.

I've got requests for a bunch of Touhou 6 and 10 songs in the making, they're almost done so be patient. I'm also working on a couple unique theme's for TheProducer's characters in the writings he creates. That's fun, well done.
I was talking with F-777 last night and we shared ideas, he totally made me re-learn hardstyle and jumpstyle. Thanks in advance! xD

And now, I give you...CATURDAY!

Couple things coming up.

Posted by Laikros - March 28th, 2009

So, F-777's "Before Mydnite" is pretty amazing. So amazing that I decided to put it into my studio and throw out a remix!
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /224725
Give it a listen, review and a fair vote, please! ;D

Before Mydnite!

Posted by Laikros - February 9th, 2009

So yeah, "Let Your Heart Rave" has a better score now, so I'm satisfied!
Anyways, I have myspaces. Both personal and musical, I'm willing to share them both!

...Well, not my personal one, but the musical one is all your's! xD

Beware, it was only created last night (Sunday), so its got like, 20 views and 40 plays only. xD

Add me! Add my music! Make me feel important! -shoots up the bulletin-

vvvv-New logo-vvvv


Posted by Laikros - February 8th, 2009

See my new song? "Let Your Heart Rave"?
Sounds amazing doesn't it? Sounds like something EnV or Paragon would dish out.

Now tell me, why is it below an even 3.50/5.00? I spent a whole damn night on that song, tuning it and mastering qualities and searching for effects, non-distorted leads and such. Please, if theres ANYONE out there who has a heart, you'll boost it up for me. I really love that song, thats pathetic how much of an asshole those zero'ers can be. Gah...

Anyways, my computer had a "fatal" crash the night before that song, so all the projects and requests you guys were expecting from me are -poof- gone. ._.

I guess I'm up for requests again!

(Mirrors Edge is my favorite game out there. Worship this picture.) xD

THAT is a PERFECT example!

Posted by Laikros - January 21st, 2009

I really don't. ._.

How come whenever I spend a whole night, working my tail off on a song and finally submit it in the morning to find it totally destroyed, sometimes under a 3?

Now, whenever I just do something half-effort'd and post it, it shoots way up in the high 4's and everyone loves it.
I get it now. Would you like me to stop working hard and start throwing out songs I spend like, 20 minutes on that sound like crap and have major technical issues? x.x

I blame the zero-bombers. Too bad Mr. BigFulp is too lazy to take a peek in the audio portal and find at least one of them. =/